Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Greg Boyd's Church Might Become Mennonite

Pasadena, California

In seminary (Northern Baptist Theological Seminary) I had two professors who were Mennonite. I admited them both very much. They were both major influences on my spiritual life - David Augsburger and Tom Finger. I had, therefore, an Anabaptist influence on my life. At one time I was under consideration for a philosophy teaching position at Goshen College. This has led me to do Anabaptist studies, especially Anabaptist spirituality. I deeply respect Anabaptist pacificism, and the biblical foundation for this position.

So I am not surprised, and even feel delighted, that Greg Boyd and his Woodland Hills Church is considering aligning with Anabaptists; viz. Mennonites or Brethren in Christ.