Thursday, March 01, 2012

Spiritual Formation - An Encouraging Note

Today I received this note from one of my Spiritual Formation seminary students at Payne Theological Seminary. This pastor writes:

"I am also writing to let you know that after your class I brought your teaching about prayer to the bible study that I teach on Monday nights. At first they were hesitant to try but as time went on I began to see how the Holy Spirit was working on them. They began to have new revelations and hear God’s voice.

We have been studying prayer and going over the first two chapters in the book Spiritual Disciplines. They are so excited they are going to buy the book themselves.

The one who really surprised me is my 19 year old daughter, because she has devoted herself to taking time with God every day to pray. I told her what you told us that the more time you spend with God you will change, and she is changing. She is beginning to see the change.

I was asked by the choir director who attends the bible study to do the same with the choir, about 12-15 people. The books are really good and I especially like the book Power Healing. New things about God are happening in my life. "

Thank you so much. I will stay in touch."