Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Morning Spiritual Formation Friends!

The River Raisin in Monroe
(This is especially for all who have been in my 6-week Spiritual Formation class.)

Good Morning Spiritual Formation Friends!

Here are some things I want to share with you.

  1. Last evening we gathered and people shared responses to the question: "What did God say to you during these past six weeks?" It was very encouraging for me to hear what God has veen saying and doing!
  2. If you would like to write a response to this question, you can send it to me. I'll look at it, maybe edit it some, and then post it on my blog, with your name attached. I think some testimonies would be an encouragement to others. If that's for you, send me something.
  3. I plan on continuing to send you things I am writing on prayer and spiritual formation. If you do not want to continue to receive these let me know and I'll remove you from my list.
  4. I am praying about doing another one of these 6-week prayer adventures, possibly in late summer.

Here's what one person wrote me a few days ago.

I am sorry that I will be unable to make it tonight, but rest assured, the last 5 weeks have been beautiful. I look for opportunities to pray, I sleep better as God's peace has increased in my life, I had a word of knowledge for a woman in church last night, my work life is changing, and on and on. In some ways, I'm almost glad that I won't be there, because I don't want my mind to think that this is the end of a class - I just want to keep going - and I will! I just want an increasingly natural conversation with God until my mind is a conduit for His - that's all. Thanks again."

I love the way this person expressed this. So, this week - I am praying that you will continue taking time to meet with God and pray.

My suggestion is: Spend a few weeks with Matthew chapters 5-6-7. This is Jesus' incredible "Sermon on the Mount." Arguably, this is the most impactful and revolutionary sermon or "speech" ever given.

As you read it, do so as if you have never heard these words before.

Pray - "God, if there is something you would like to speak to me about, I am listening." Then, when God speaks, write it down.

Slow-cook in these three chapters. They are rich and deep!

If God speaks to you in these days ahead and you would like to share this with me, please send me what He has been saying.

I am so glad you have been part of these past six weeks. I am praying NOW for all of you, that your focused meeting times with God will continue and become a spiritual platform from which you live this life.

Blessings and Love,