Saturday, March 24, 2012

"The Hunger Games" & Our Generation of Soul-Searchers

Linda, Josh, and I went to see "The Hunger Games" yesterday. We went to a 5:45 show in Toledo. The theatre was packed, with a lot of kids.

I interpret "Hunger Games" this way.

Today's children are unprotected and mentorless. Our parentless generation, our divorce world, leaves kids on their own to face a life where valueless, clownish, shallow adults use them for their own entertainment. Their parents, if they have any, passively submit to and watch the carnage. No one protests. Such is life in this dystopian culture. No one has a moral clue.

Except for one fatherless teen-aged girl who stands against this. In her, and in some of the other chosen children, we see a spark of love and justice. She's about to ignite a revolution.

The tons of American kids who love this movie will do so because they relate to being abandoned to a life of non-discipleship, having been forced to find moral values and character mostly on their own. Welcome to the Generation of Soul-Searchers.

(Note: I'll be speaking on "Character and Integrity" to the 400 students of Airport High School on April 3.)