Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's Support Jim Beach As our Monroe Young Life Leader

As many of you know a number of Monroe County's Young Life leaders attend Redeemer. This is a great blessing to us!

One of them is Jim Beach, an Ida High graduate, and the leader of Young Life at Monroe High School.

Southeast Area Michigan Young Life is hoping to hire Jim as full-time Young Life staff in Monroe.

I am so grateful for this opportunity! I invite you to read a personal letter by Jim below, where he shares his heart for our Monroe high school students, and asks for your support in prayer and, if God leads, financially.

John Piippo


From: Jim Beach

July 15, 2011

As many of you know, I work with Monroe high school kids as a Young Life leader. Our hearts ache for the thousands of high school kids in our area who do not know there is a God that is crazy about them, who would do anything to know them, to be their Savior, their Lord, their Father.

Most of these kids think that Jesus is either the most boring person of all time, some abstract religious character who has nothing to do with them, or is in some way out to get them and point out all of their faults. But to be honest, most high school kids have never really thought about Jesus. No one has taken the time to get to know them and share who Jesus really is with them. This brings indescribable anguish to my heart, because “how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?” (Acts 10). As Young Life Leaders, we go where kids are, build relationships with them, and "earn the right to be heard". We come along side of them, build bridges of friendship, love them, and point them to Jesus.

This fall I hope to have the opportunity to work with Young Life as a full time staff person. Our area (Southeast Michigan Young Life) has offered me a job as a Young Life Staff Associate here in Monroe. Our goals are to continue to work with high school kids in Monroe, develop an adult committee in Monroe, and start Young Life Clubs at Monroe Middle School, Airport High School, and Jefferson High School. In order to higher me as a full time staff person our area has to raise support money. The Young Life area costs, including staff salaries, are provided 100% by private donations from individuals, churches, foundations, and local businesses. As of July 15, 2011, we still need to raise $15,000 for this coming year.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with me financially to reach that goal? Making a pledge to give monthly is preferred, but one-time gifts are much appreciated. If you would like to contribute you may do so by giving directly to Redeemer Fellowship Church, indicate: Jim Beach – Young Life. If you would like to fill out a monthly pledge card you can get one: 1) by contacting the Redeemer Church office (734-242-5277) and filling out a pledge card; or 2) by asking me and I can give you a pledge card. (419-349-8618).

Thank you for considering. I am very excited about the opportunity to do what I love full time and follow God’s call in my life to reach lost kids with the message of love and hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

In Christ,
Jim Beach