Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Death of Borders

We lived in East Lansing, Michigan, for eleven years. I was a campus pastor at Michigan State University. I was in a book study that read works of Christian fiction. Will Peebles and Steve Belkoff and Amy (???) and...  we met every week. It was wonderful discussion! It's also where I began to read Flannery O'Connor. Pause and be stunned before her outrageously creative fiction.

I think it was my friend Will who told ne about a bookstore in Ann Arbor named "Borders." We took a trip there. It was very cool, and located around the corner from where the current Borders is in campus- town of the U of Michigan.

Linda and I go to Ann Arbor a lot. It's a great city for culture, eating, walking, sitting, reading, observing, etcing.

Today it's with some sadness that I read "Borders Forced to Liquidate, Close All Stores." Oh no... No more walking in Borders, browsing its books, absorbing its milieu? And all the small, privately owned bookstores breathed sighs of relief... The Giant has fallen. 399 stores remain. The liquidation could begin as soon as this Friday. "The chain's demise could speed the decline in sales of hardcover and paperback books as consumers increasingly turn to downloading electronic books or having physical books mailed to their doorsteps." Admittedly, I get most of my books from at cheaper prices and free delivery after paying a decent yearly fee.