Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bill Maher's Hypocritical "Apatheism"

Does this look like someone
who never thinks about religion?
Bill Maher, in his recent interview with Piers Morgan, refers to himself as an "apatheist." Meaning: an "apathetic atheist." Maher says, "As for the 'apathy' part, we just don't think about it [viz., 'God' and 'religion']."

So Maher doesn't think about religion but makes a movie all about mocking religious belief?

I have met, even been taught by, true, authentic apatheists. Bill Maher is a hypocritical apatheist; viz., one who shrugs his shoulders and casually says "I just don't think about such things" and then goes off spending time and money and energy attacking such things. Hmmm...  what's needed here is a psychologist to help explain the seeming discrepancy between what Maher says he is and his actions that indicate religious fixation.

Maher also claims a kinship with Richard Dawkins, who is an atheist but the antithesis of an apatheist.