Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Character of the God of the Hebrew Bible

I would LOVE to be at U-Notre Dame this weekend for their Center for the Philosophy of Religion Conference called "My Ways Are Not Your Ways: The Character of the God of the Hebrew Bible." This conference will focus on the charge that the Abrahamic tradition should be rejected because of its foundation in the Hebrew Bible, which portrays God as immoral and vicious.
Their promo reads:
"Numerous critics of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have argued that God, especially in the Hebrew Scriptures, is often portrayed as what many of us nowadays would regard as a moral monster--committing, ordering or commending genocide, slavery, and rape among other moral atrocities, as well as bigotry, misogyny, and homophobia. How can these apparent commendations and commands of the Hebrew Bible be consistent with the claim that the Abrahamic God is perfectly good and loving? This is the question in focus at the present conference, "My Ways are Not Your Ways: The Character of the God of the Hebrew Bible"."
Surely a book will come out of this - hopefully soon!

Look at this list of participants:

Gary Anderson – University of Notre Dame
Louise Antony – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Susan Brower-Toland – St. Louis University
James L. Crenshaw – Duke Divinity School (Emeritus)
R. Andrew Compton – UCLA
Thomas Crisp – Biola University
Edwin Curley – University of Michigan
Stephen T. Davis – Claremont McKenna College
Paul Draper – Purdue University
David Dudrick – Colgate University
Evan Fales – University of Iowa
Robert Garcia – Texas A&M University
John Hare – Yale Divinity School
Daniel Howard-Snyder – Western Washington University
Patick Kain – Purdue University
Conference Organizers
Joseph Levine – Univeristy of Massachusetts, Amherst
Michael Bergmann – Purdue University
Stephanie R. Lewis – Municipal Capital Management, LLC
Michael Murray – Franklin and Marshall College
Wes Morriston – University of Colorado, Boulder
Michael Rea – University of Notre Dame
Mark C. Murphy – Georgetown University
Alvin Plantinga – University of Notre Dame
Christopher Seitz – Wycliffe College, University of Toronto
Eleonore Stump – Saint Louis University
Richard Swinburne – University of Oxford
James VanderKam – University of Notre Dame
Peter van Inwagen – University of Notre Dame
Howard Wettstein – University of California, Riverside
Nicholas Wolterstorff – Yale Divinity School (Emeritus) and University of Virginia
Stephen Wykstra – Calvin College


University of Notre Dame
Center for Continuing Education
September 10-12, 2009