Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anyone For Global Repentance?

This picture, which I just saw on Reuters, breaks my heart. It's one of their "best photos from the past 24 hours." Here's the explanation as well.

"A Palestinian father of five young girls, who were killed in an Israeli air strike, mourns as he holds his wounded son, during their funeral in Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip December 29, 2008. Palestinian medics said five young sisters died in an air strike in Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza and three other young children were killed when a bomb struck a house aimed at the nearby abandoned home of a senior Hamas militant in Rafah."
Hamas - why have you continued to launch rockets into Israel? You are responsible for this.
Israel - you did this. Was there no other alternative? We live in this sick world of earthly kingdoms in conflict. Regarding this nothing has changed.
Hamas and Israel - can you rationalize your way out of this? NOTHING justifies this. We all should get on our knees and repent of the sickness we continue to bring into this world. Anybody for global repentance? Anyone willing to lead the way?
Needed: a different kind of kingdom.