Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hebrew Scholar Comes to Monroe Dec. 7-8

On Dec. 7-8 Hal Ronning, Director of the Home for Bible Translators of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, comes to speak at Redeemer Fellowship Church in Monroe.

Sunday evening, 6 PM - “The Relation of the Old Testament to the New Testament”

Monday morning, 10 AM - “Archaeology and the Bible”

Monday evening, 6:30 PM - “The Jewish Background of the New Testament”

No charge - a love offering will be taken as a gift to Hal.

The Home for Bible Translators and Scholars, Inc. (HBT) is a nonprofit ministry supporting translators and scholars from around the world to deepen their knowledge of the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament. The Home offers a six-month study program especially designed for Bible translators and consultants. The program is offered in partnership with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The Hebrew University is fully accredited with about 25,000 students.

Since 1995, the Home for Bible Translators has trained over 80 Bible translators and scholars from 29 countries representing 53 languages. Through God’s strength, these translators, and their teams, will make it possible for over 45 million people to read the Old Testament in their own language.