Friday, December 26, 2008

If the Lions Win This Sunday... ("Believe In Now")

If the Lions win this Sunday against Green Bay Olga's Restaurant will give you a free Olga sandwich. The coupon is here.

A few weeks ago my son Josh and I went to the MSU-North Carolina basketball game at Ford Field. It's the first time either of us had been there. What a facility! During halftime we went to the Lions Store. It's a pretty big store. Even though 20,000 fans were at the b-ball game, in the store there was only Josh and I, and 8 young sales people. Lions t-shirts were on sale for $10 (rather than $20-$40). One t-shirt was silver and blue with the words spread across the chest "Believe In Now." I almost bought one of the shirts. Josh said he didn't know if he'd be able to wear it.

Believe in now. "Now" is 0-15, and I believe it. Therefore, I believe in now. "Now" is what is happening at the present moment. "Now" is, well, now.

1. Now.
2. Therefore, now.

"Now" will be different next week. The Lions will not be 0-15. "Now" will have changed. In this regard we have two possible "nows."

1. On Dec. 29 the Lions will be either 0-16 or 1-16.
2. I will be eating a free Olga sandwich on Dec. 30.
3. Therefore, the Lions will be 1-15.

P1 is true.

P2 is possibly true, not probably true, and of course not necessarily true (otherwise the game need not be played). Believing in now won't affect the outcome. Therefore, I believe in then, because I care more about the Olga than the game.