Sunday, March 30, 2008

Philosophy Oral Exams This Week

(MCCC, La-Z-Boy Center)

This week, in my Western Philosophy class and Philosophy of Religion class at MCCC, I'll give 65 students 10-minute oral exams. Students have the questions in advance. The questions form the subject matter of my in-class lectures. For me the best way to evaluate my philosophy students is by oral exam. I find out, in ten minutes, what a student does and doesn't know. I give them instant evaluation (I "grade" them). For me it's something good to look a student in the eyes and say "You did a great job," or "You failed this. Here's how you can do better if you want."

Philosophy of Religion Oral Exam Questions:

1. Explain Mackie's logical argument from evil against the existence of God

2. Explain the Buddhist idea that evil is an illusion

3. Explain Plantinga's refutation of Mackie

4. Explain Rowe's evidential argument from evil against the existence of God

5. Explain Wycksta's "no-seeum" argument against Rowe

6. Explain Hick's Soul-Making theodicy

Western Philosophy Oral Exam Questions:

1. Explain Aristotle on Eudaimonia

2. Explain Kierkegaard's Existentialism

3. Explain Nietzsche's "Madman" and the Death of God

4. Explain Camus's "Absurd Reasoning"

Oral Exams Rooms will be:

3/31/2008 Z 259 Conference Room

4/1/2008 Z 259 Conference Room

4/2/2008 Z 258 Conference Room

4/3/2008 Z 259 Conference Room