Monday, January 09, 2006

Istanbul & Philadelphia

I'm in Philadelphia this week working as Project Director for 13 doctoral students at Palmer Theological Seminary. I have 13 3-hour meetings where I meet with the students and evaluate their doctoral projects.

Linda, Josh and I returned last Thursday from 8 days in Istanbul, Turkey where we got to be with Dan. What an incredible trip, an incredible city! Great eating, saw ancient and modern things, shopped, the weather was warm (50s & 60s), did a lot of thinking, had several eye-opening moments, got a greater global perspective, finally read The Da Vinci Code (aarghh!!), road boats across the Straits of Bosphous, drank coffee in the best Starbuck's I've ever been in, ate real Turkish Delight, walked everywhere, rode in a taxi at 90+ mph, shopped at the enormous (3000+ stores under one roof) Grand Bazaar, stood in awe inside the Hagia Sophia, loved being with Dan's friend Allie, met the great members of his team, ate lunch with Jake & Katie Baker, watched sumo wrestling on Turkish tv, saw mosques everywhere, read a bio of Nietzsche & a bio of Wittgenstein, bought Linda perfume in Paris (at the airport), loved being with my family...