Friday, November 17, 2023

Disciples of Jesus Love as He Loves


My Teacher has instructed me that love is the greatest thing of all.

The love of God is a power. It is a weapon against darkness, hatred, and violence.  

The love of God is a force.  

My life with Jesus began when God told me that He loves me. As much as my parents loved me (which was a lot!), I needed to be touched by the One who is love, whose love is without limits. That moment was transcendent and transforming.   

The School of Jesus is a School of Love. All the power, and all the spiritual gifts and natural talents, are nothing if the love of God does not flourish in my heart.  

God's love continues to grow in me. More of it captures me today than ever before. The love of God is a bottomless well of supernatural treasures, to be discovered his disciples.  

I'm now thinking of a Promise Keepers event I attended. The main speaker was talking about "success." I have never forgotten what he said: "Success is being on your death bed surrounded by your family that loves you."

I think this way. If love is the greatest, then the end-game of not only my life, but of all reality, is love. Therefore: people get ready.  

I am ready.  

Love has a Name.


I love You, Lord.

I walk through the day filled to overflowing with God's love.

 I never ceased to be amazed at how much Jesus loves me.

 I never take God's love for me for granted.

 The love of God, in me, changes atmospheres.

 The love of God, flowing through me, brings healing to the people I meet.

 I experience the love of Jesus as a force that defeats my enemies!

(From my book 31 Letters to the Church on Discipleship.)