Monday, April 24, 2023

7 Rules for a Good, Clean Fight

Before I married Linda one of my pastors gave me Charlie Shedd's book Letters to Philip: On How to Treat a Woman. I read it. And then, a few years later, I read it again. Remember that, when it comes to wisdom, "old" doesn't mean "not as relevant."

Shedd's little book gave me some relationship tools I have never forgotten. For example, here are his "7 Rules for a Good, Clean Fight." 

 1. Before we begin we must both agree that the time is right.

 2. We will remember that our only battle aim 
is a deeper understanding of each other.

 3. We will check our weapons often to be sure they're not deadly.

 4. We will lower our voices instead of raising them.

 5. We will never quarrel in public nor reveal private matters.

 6. We will discuss an armistice whenever either of us calls "halt."

 7. When we have come to terms we will put it away 
until we both agree it needs more discussing.