Saturday, October 28, 2023

A Disciple of Jesus Makes Other Disciples


I want you to have at least one person whom you are training to be like Jesus.

As a new follower of Jesus, my mentors told me they were training me to train others in the Jesus Way. I was being discipled, so I could disciple others. To me, this sounded like we were a movement, forming an army!  

Immediately, I began to disciple others. I took the training I was receiving and transferred it to my church’s youth group. Some of them became disciples of Jesus, and have since discipled other new Jesus-followers.  

As Lord of my life, Jesus taught me this principle: disciples make disciples. He told his own apprentices this:  

Go and make apprentices of all nations.  

Baptize them in the name of the Father,

the Son,  

and the Holy Spirit.  

Teach them to follow everything I have taught you.

I have done this. 

I want you to do this, too.  

I am eternally grateful to those who mentored me. They met with me, taught me, prayed for and with me, taught me about serving, taught me about Sundays, involved me in small groups, introduced me to worship, and were powerful role models in loving as Jesus loves. They were disciplemakers, and I wanted to be like them!

I’m not through making disciples. I, and others in my church family, are developing our children into disciples. I still meet with people who want to follow Jesus. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than this. 

My dear sisters and brothers, let this be your life – teach others about Jesus. 


I am a disciple-maker.  

I teach people about Jesus.

I pass on to others what Jesus has taught me about himself. 

I am always looking for potential disciples. 

I love seeing Christ being formed in others.  

Making disciples is how I spend my life.  

I see the fruit of disciple-making, as my disciples are making disciples of others. 

 The call to teach others about Jesus is at the core of my being.