Thursday, December 15, 2022

Pastors - Join Me in Refueling Your Church's Praying Life in January


Pastors and Christian Leaders - 

Praying is foundational Christian activity. As shepherds and mentors and leaders, we are to escort our people into praying as a lifestyle.

My new book 31 Letters to the Church on Praying is a resource you can use to increase the praying in your church community.

I provide 31 brief devotional and inspirational lessons that will equip your people in the praying life.

I'll be doing this with several churches in January 2023. I invite you to join me.

Email me and request the PDF of my book. I'll send it to you, for free. You can disseminate this to your church family, at no cost.

If someone wants my book as a paperback, or a Kindle ebook, it's available at Amazon HERE.


John Piippo