Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Why I Am Against Abortion


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(We must keep this ball in play.)

The abortion issue is heating up. I think that's good.

I hope and pray that aborting babies ends.

The reason I, and others like me, are against abortion is this: I/we believe the inborn conceptus/embryo/fetus is a human beingNo human being is more defenseless and innocent than an inborn person.

I, and others like me, believe it is morally wrong to kill innocent, defenseless human beings. I believe if you saw the inborn entity as an innocent, defenseless human, you would feel the same as I and others do.

You would see abortion as human-killing. This would make you feel angry. This should make you feel angry.

I do not believe I, or you, have a moral right to kill innocent, defenseless humans, no matter how they were conceived, no matter how inconvenient their existence is to us, no matter how unprepared we are to nurture them.

I see the following reasoning as irrational and immoral.

1. I am not prepared to care for you.
2. Therefore, I must kill you.

1. You do not fit into my life plans.
2. Therefore, I must kill you.

1. You are a product of rape.
2. Therefore, I must kill you.

1. Your existence is a result of incest.
2. Therefore, we killed you.

1. I have the right to do what I want with my body.
2. You were part of my body. (This premise is false.)
3. I did not want you.
4. Therefore, I killed you.

Here's one I heard this week.

1. People who are against abortion should care for unwanted babies.
2. People are not caring for unwanted babies.
3. Thus, people who are against killing babies are hypocrites.

Which leads to,

1. No one was there to care for you.
2. Therefore, we killed you.

If you are angry that not enough is being done to care for unwanted persons, perhaps God is calling you to do something about this, and not use it as some justification for killing persons. Thankfully, in Southeast Michigan, some people have taken this on. Several in our church family have responded to the call and are doing something for these unwanted humans.