Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Pastors and Church Leaders - An Experiment in Disciple-making


This is an experiment in disciple-making.

My new book is a 31-day devotional on discipleship. I invite you to do this with your church family in the month of January, or in the month of March.


  • Purchase my book. ($2.99 for Kindle; $4.99 for paperback)
  • Read one entry per day, in January, or in March. Take notes. When God speaks to you, write it down.
  • Pastors - focus your sermons in on discipleship and disciple-making.
  • Finally, join me on a Zoom call (free) to do an afterglow on the theme of discipleship.
Pastors and Church Leaders - does this interest you? If you would like to do this with me in January, or in March, please let me know. If you would like to do this, but in another month, let me know.


John Piippo