Monday, December 07, 2020

Words Cannot Express Experiencing God's Presence


Tree, in my back yard

From my book Leading the Presence-Driven Church:

"Who can come close to capturing the reality of our God who infinitely transcends our puny cognitive capacities? 

... I am making a case for experience as a form of knowing that is in some ways superior to logical reasoning and theorizing. The pastoral implication is this: I must allow my people to experience God in ways that are biblical, yet unfamiliar to my intellectual capacities. 
No human cognitive box can contain the fullness of the Lord. With this, the caboose of feelings has become an engine of knowledge that drives us. 

In a presence-driven church it is important to spotlight peoples’ experiences with God. Make a place for them to share their God-encounters. Invite them to share their stories. As much as I love logic and theorizing, I have rarely been overwhelmed by logical rules of inference such as *modus ponens. But stories of my peoples’ experiences with God fill me with joy, move me to tears, and create hope and expectation." (p. 16)

*Modus ponens is the logical claim of inference that goes like this:
1. If p, then q.
2. p.
3. Therefore, q.