Monday, July 13, 2020

Renewal School of Ministry Opens This Fall!

Renewal School of Ministry



Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries (HSRM) is very excited to announce the upcoming online Renewal School of Ministry, beginning in mid-September! We’re inviting you to participate in this unique opportunity to learn and grow spiritually and to become better equipped for the ministry God is calling you to.

Here is the list of courses for this Fall

Term #1 Classes, September 13 – October 22, 2020:

1.       Healing/Pastor Ross Lieuallen – 

Sundays, 8pm ET/5pm PT--(Sept 13 to October 18)

2.       How God Changes the Human Heart/Dr. John Piippo 

  Mondays, 8pm ET/5pm PT -- (Sept 14 to Oct 19)

3.       Theology #1/Pastor Ed Owens 

Tuesdays, 8pm ET/5pm PT--(Sept 15 to Oct 20)

4.       The Holy Spirit and the Spirit-filled Life/ Dr. Clayton Ford 

Thursdays, 8pm ET/5pmPT-- (Sept 17 to Oct 22)

Term #2 Classes, November 2 –December 2, 2020:

1.       Soul Health/Pastor Pamela Wantz 

Sundays, 8pm ET/5pmPT-- (Nov 1 to Dec 6)

2.       Christian Worldview/Pastor Peter Conlin 

Mondays, 8pm ET/5pmPT-- (Nov 2 to Dec 7)

3.       Theology #2/Pastor Ed Owens 

Tuesdays, 8pm ET/5pmPT --(Nov 3 to Dec 8)

4.       Worship Symposium/Pastor Norelle Lutke & Team 

Thursdays, 8pm ET/5pmPT --(Nov 5 to Dec 10)

·       In addition to the 6-week courses, we will also provide specialized online seminars and conference experiences for credits toward certification.

·       The cost to participate in RSOM is so low, it’s crazy! You’ll be charged a fee of $10 per course, or a maximum of $25 for all courses taught per six-week term.

If you are interested in signing up or having questions answered fill in the short form below and you will be contacted.