Saturday, July 04, 2020

I'll be One of the Teachers in RENEWAL SCHOOL OF MINISTRY

If you are looking for a Ministry School that provides excellence in teacing, high academic standards, and decades of experience with the Holy Spirit and His manifestations, then Renewal School of Ministry is for you.

I am thankful to be one of RSM's teachers. I'm proud of my HSRM colleagues who join me in this new Spirit-led discipling opportunity. 

Why are we creating Renewal School of Ministry? Not to make money - all of us are teaching for free! God has led us to give away as much as we can. We're interested in serious disciple-making. God has given all of us much to give.

 Jesus came, not to make "deciders," but "disciples."

If that is you, then I think RSM will elevate the level of your discipleship, strengthen your walk with Jesus, and empower you to be a Holy Spirit-led world-changer.


Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries (HSRM) is very excited to announce the upcoming online Renewal School of Ministry, beginning in mid-September!

We’re inviting you to participate in this unique opportunity to learn and grow spiritually and to become better equipped for the ministry God is calling you to.

·       This September we start with two back-to-back six week terms, four courses each term, featuring such topics as... 

The Holy Spirit & the Spirit-filled Life, 

How God Changes the Human Heart, 

Theology 1 & 2, 

Healing Ministry, 

Worship Symposium, 

and Christian Worldview.

·       In addition to the 6-week courses, we will also provide specialized online seminars and conference experiences for credits toward certification.

·       Classes will be held on weekdays and Sunday evenings at 8PM (ET) and on Saturdays (time tbd)!

·       The cost to participate in RSOM is so low, it’s crazy! You’ll be charged a fee of $10 per course, or a maximum of $25 for all courses taught per six-week term.

·       More detailed information will be available on our website soon -

If you are interested in becoming a student at RSOM, contact Clayton Ford via email at

I am looking forward to teaching in Renewal School of Ministry this fall!