Friday, May 17, 2019

How to Prepare for a Visitation from God

(Selfie of self looking at self looking at self)

(This is happening in some churches.)

Decades ago A. W. Tozer saw something happening in American churches, and it wasn't good. The presence of God was missing.

Tozer wrote:

"The world is evil, the times are waxing late, and the glory of God has departed from the church as the fiery cloud once lifted from the door of the temple in the sight of Ezekiel the prophet. 
The God of Abraham has withdrawn his conscious presence from us, and another god whom our fathers knew not is making himself at home among us. This god we have made and because we have made him we can understand him; because we have created him he can never surprise us, never overwhelm us, nor astonish us, nor transcend us." (In 

Buechner, Faith That Matters, p. 142)

Much of what is called "church" is underwhelming and immanent (hopefully, not yours), at least for those who want to encounter the Living God.  

What can we do about this? How much talent do we need? How much money will this cost? How should we advertise? Tozer writes:

"We have only to prepare him [God] a habitation in love and faith and humility. We have only to want him badly enough, and he will come and manifest himself to us." (Ib.) 

Really? Is that all we need to do to have God manifest his omni-presence in our gatherings? If more is needed, what could that be?

For my take on God's presence and the Church, see Leading the Presence-Driven Church.