Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Coming Events at Redeemer

Here are some things we are doing at Redeemer. 

YOUTH GROUP – I am thrilled that Trevor and our youth leaders are now teaching our youth about “abiding in Christ.” This Thursday night, Nov. 16, Daniel Reaume will be the teacher.

YOUNG ADULT GROUP: Meets on Wednesday evenings.

LUNCHEON FUND-RAISER AFTER CHURCH THIS SUNDAY, NOV. 19. A soup luncheon will be held after this Sunday's worship experience. Donations go to our church's Food Closet.

ONE-HOUR SEMINARY: On Tuesday night, Nov. 21, 9 PM, Denise Hunter will be our teacher. Denise will respond to the question, “How Do You Trust God During Tough Times?” Thirty minutes of live teaching, plus thirty minutes of Q&A. On Facebook Live. To access this become one of my FB friends!

BAPTISMS – Sunday morning, Nov. 26. If this is for you, please let me know.

TEACHING OUR CHILDREN ABOUT BAPTISM: On Sunday morning, Nov. 26, I will again take my turn in our Kids Church time. I will teach our preschool – 5th graders about baptism. What is baptism? Why do we get baptized? What happens when we are baptized? I’m going to do this on a kids level. I’ll give each parent a handout when they drop their child off, which will share what and how I am going to do this. I will include some fun things in my teaching. Plus, one of our Redeemer persons has hand made a special gift for each child. At the end of the teaching time I will bring all the kids into the sanctuary, where they will be able to watch me baptize some of our people. I hope your child will be able to join me for this learning experience!

SEMINAR ON PROTECTING YOUR INFORMATION ONLINE: Sunday, Dec. 3, 5-6 PM. In the wake of the Equifax breach many are concerned that their information may have been compromised. John Fowler will share how we can best protect ourselves from online risks. John is Deputy Information Security Officer at Henry Ford Health System. 

FAMILY BASKETBALL & PIZZA NIGHT: Sunday evening, Dec. 5, 6 PM. Kids, teens, and adults are invited to join me for a night of basketball. Kids will play their parents, kids against our youth, youth against adults, and so on as we mix things up and everyone gets to play. Bring $2 and we’ll order pizzas. Bring a liter of pop to contribute. If you don’t want to play, come and just hang out with us.

CHRISTMAS EVE CANDLE LIGHT SERVICE: Dec. 24, 6-7 PM. This is one of Redeemer’s traditions. Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!

WORSHIP IN THE NEW YEAR: Join Holly and our worship team as we start on New Year’s Eve, 9 PM. First, games and snacks – 9 pm. Then, praise and worship – 11 – midnight.

WOMEN’S CONFERENCE: “Power of Light ~ Living From the Spirit.” Sponsored by Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries (our Green Lake summer conference). Dayton, Ohio, March 15-17, 2018. Planning with Pam Wantz. Wendy Backlund and Julie Weyandt will be the guest speakers.


Blessings to you all!