Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Books That Can Help You Understand Prophecy

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“Prophecy” can be defined as “the reception and subsequent transmission of spontaneous divinely originating revelation.”

(Wayne Grudem, The Gift of Prophecy

Books That Can Help You Understand Prophecy
·                     Wayne Grudem, The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today. This is the best scholarly text on prophecy by an excellent New Testament theologian who embraces the spiritual gifts for today. Especially valuable is Grudem's explanation of the distinction between prophecy in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.
·                     Mike Bickle, Growing In the Prophetic. Bickle's Kansas City Fellowship was, at one time, the center of the prophetic movement in America. Mike's book is a wise reflection on those times, with very helpful biblical understandings of prophecy.
·                     Jack Deere, The Beginner's Guide to the Gift of Prophecy. Jack is an excellent biblical scholar who values the gift of prophecy in the church today. This is a very helpful, clearly written book.
·                     Jim Goll, The Seer: The Prophetic Power of Visions, Dreams, and Open Heavens. We've used this in our ministry school. I found it to be very wise and practical.

·                     Dallas Willard, Hearing God: Developing a Conversational Relationship with God. Outside of the Bible this is one of the books to read on the matter of hearing the voice of God.