Saturday, May 27, 2017

Show Up on Sunday Mornings

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Redeemer sanctuary

Studies show that people who call themselves Christians are going less and less to Sunday morning worship experiences. This phenomenon is part of the general colonization of secular, individuated culture, in the Church. Like the alien who found a host in the astronaut, anti-Christness lives in the belly of the American Church. (If you doubt this read The Benedict Option, by Rod Dreher.)

Christians who go less and less on Sunday mornings are being occupied and secularized. Secular culture places no worth on Jesus-followers gathering together. Sports leagues for kids is but one example of paganism successfully colonizing the Church. (See here.)

This is tragic, because if you are a Jesus-follower, then you are one of the "called-out" (
ek-kaleo; ekklesia) people of God and his Kingdom. You are part of The Movement. You are the Church.

"Church" is a tribal thing. We see this in the little word "you." In the letters of Paul, "you" is almost always plural. This is significant.

Tribal Church is seen in the "body of Christ" passages of 1 Corinthians 12-13-14. We are members of one Body. We need one another. None of this is about individual happiness. In Scripture there is no true blessedness unless it is corporate blessedness.

Hebrews 10:25 says, Do
not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing. Today the word "some" has become "many," and in the days ahead "many" will become "most." At that point, pagan individualism will have won the day, at least in the Western Church.

Meet with your family members. And plug in. Get active. Stop being a mere attender. Be a contributing body part. Stop saying your church does little for you; start doing much for your tribe.

Be exorcised of Western consumerism. Church is not something you either like or don't like (like salad dressings). It was never about that.

Don't forsake gathering as Church. If you forsake Church gatherings you are abandoning your spiritual brothers and sisters. And you are forsaking your core identity as a follower of Jesus.

Jesus did not say "I will build individuals," but "I will build my Church."