Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Tend the Fire of God's Visitation

Image may contain: fire
Some of our Redeemer artists are drawing during our Sunday worship time. This is by Nicole Griffith. To me, it represents what God is now doing in our church community.

God still speaks to us, correct? He still "visits" us. He is "Emmanuel," meaning "God with us." Jesus said he would be with us always. We have the Holy Spirit, who guides us. We can hear from God, today. 

Out of his presence, God speaks to us. Therefore, cultivate the God-relationship. Connect, with God.

For me, and for my church people, God is now visiting us. Here's what I believe God is saying to me, and to us: "I have lit a fire. Tend it."

The fire began for me when I could not get past 1 Peter 2:24 - "By his wounds you have been healed."

So, I am tending this fire by throwing another log on it this Sunday morning. I believe God is giving me what to say.

This Sunday I will again pray for an anointing of power and authority over all of us. Then, we will again pray for any who are sick who would like prayer. If you have a friend who fits this description, then please invite them to come with you.

Plus - we will have baptisms.

I am still basking in what God did last Sunday - beautiful and amazing!