Saturday, April 01, 2017

How I Am Praying (My Relationship with God)

Sandy Hill Golf Course, Monroe

I take Tuesday afternoons to pray from 2-5 hours. This has been my habit for over forty years.

The core of my daily praying life centers around reading Scripture.

I start the morning off by reading Psalms and Proverbs.

I am now using the Kindle version of the NIV Cultural BackgroundsStudy Bible. This is the best Study Bible I have ever seen!

I also read out of The Message.

I take small pieces of Scripture. My reading is qualitative, not quantitative. Often I get stuck on one verse, or one section. I come back to it day after day until God releases me from it.

In the evening I am slow-cooking in the book of Acts. This is because of what God is now doing at Redeemer. I am slowly reading Acts as if I have never read it before. in Acts we see the Prototype of what Normal Church should be.

As I read Scripture and often meditate on it, God speaks to me. When God speaks to me, I write it down in my journal.
Since praying is essentially a relationship, and not a duty, my prayer relationship with God is grounded in intentional times with God. These carry me throughout the days.