Sunday, July 02, 2017

"Knock" (Download my song)

You can download my song "Knock" here

KNOCK   E – C#m – A2 – F#m7
– John Piippo

E                C#m
I will knock over and over again
              A2                              F#m7
Until the doors unlock and the light streams in
E                     C#m
I will seek the Kingdom and Your righteousness
             A2                           B2
Where mercy falls and the poor are blessed

                E                                     C#m
Let Your Kingdom come, Let Your will be done
              A2                                B2
And the dead are raised   I will sing Your praise
        E                                          C#m
The oppressed go free   And the blind can see
              A2             B2          C#m
As Your heaven invades the earth
              A2            B2            E    -   C#m   - A2   - F#m7

As Your heaven invades the earth