Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Presence-Driven Church Doesn't Vote

My handheld hummingbird feeders

I took a break today and ate a snack while watching ESPN. The show was about the final NBA game in the series between Golden State and Oklahoma City. The discussion revolved around this question: "If OKC loses the game, will Kevin Durant leave OKC for another team?"

The sports announcer said, "Log in to espn.com to vote on whether Kevin Durant will choose to stay with OKC or go to another team."

This vote is about public opinion. That's all. It has no bearing on what Kevin Durant himself will choose to do. Durant is not going to wait for the outcome of the vote and then act on what the majority has ruled. 

It's the same with voting in the church. A church vote has no bearing on what God himself will choose to do, or desires to do. It's just the opinions of church people. God is not going to wait for the votes to be counted and then act as the majority wills. 

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