Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Age Me, O Lord

I'm reading through the spiritual journals of my Payne Seminary students. God spoke to one of them and said, "You are afraid to grow old." 

I commented to them: "As this becomes more and more your experience you will long to grow old." 

As we abide closer and closer to Christ we gain more of the mind of Christ. Though our body erodes our spirit renews, day after day. After day. We become more human

Greater humanity-as-Christlikeness is the result of constant abiding. We get free-er. We become less rigid, less uptight. We chill out. We let go and let God. "Trust" leaves the theoretical realm and becomes actual. Ah, the thrill of growing older in this way! Once recognized as our earthly destiny in Jesus, who wouldn't want to age?

The fear of growing old wearies us. The joy (and privilege) of growing old renews us. Therefore age me, O Lord. Like fine wine kept for the wedding banquet, uncork me in my late year and pour Yourself out through me.