Saturday, January 23, 2016

What Evil is Not

The Whore of Babylon, by Albrecht Durer

Tomorrow morning at Redeemer I will preach out of Revelation 19:11-21. I'll talk about the final eradication of evil, and emphasize:

  • What "evil" is (I will define "evil")
  • Why evil, given a correct understanding of, must be eliminated
  • What John sees when "heaven is opened"
  • What an "open heaven" means, and why we might expect it (even tomorrow morning)
I will share what "evil" is not, for the sake of clearing away some big-time misconceptions that lead to theological weirdness.

Evil is not some bodiless force that somehow gets into people and corrupts them, like lead in water gets into a person and makes them sick.
          Or like a poison gas.  Or like tear gas.
“Good” is not some invisible force, either.
“Love” is not some invisible force – like “love is in the air.”
The "Star Wars" idea, fun though it is, is philosophically ignorant. There's not a "dark side" nor a good "Force" that somehow gets into people, bringing either corruption or flourishing.
Much more tomorrow morning...