Monday, January 11, 2016

Teaching Spiritual Formation at Payne Theological Seminary This Week

January 2012 class
Linda and I travel to Dayton today. I will begin teaching another Spiritual Formation class at Payne Theological Seminary, in Wilberforce, Ohio. I love teaching at Payne. For Linda and I it is an honor to be there.

Course goals:

1.      To encounter and experience God
2.      To experience personal transformation
3.      To deepen one’s prayer life
4.      To discuss issues of personal transformation with colleagues in ministry
5.      To reflect biblically and theologically on this experience, especially within the African American perspective of Howard Thurman and Martin Luther King, Jr. Special emphasis will be given to Thurman’s personal challenge to Dr. King to never lose his rooting in spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, singing, celebration, and worship and silence, and that social change would only come through personal transformation and spiritual disciplines such as meditation.

6.      To understand personal spiritual transformation as the necessary foundation for all relevant church, urban, and global transformation.

I'll teach from Tuesday - Friday. Subjects I will cover include:

  • One hour of daily praying, in a certain way, with parameters.
  • Small community sharing on one's prayer experiences. 
  • Intro to Spiritual Formation
  • Keeping a Spiritual Journal
  • Restoration, Renewal, Formation, Transformation
  • A Phenomenology of Spiritual Formation
  • Spirituality of Howard Thurman & Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Deconstruction of the false self
  • Ontological dualities (the “from-to” nature of spiritual transformation)
  • Spirituality and Servant Leadership
  • Spiritual Formation, Prayer, and Leading the Presence-Driven Church
  • Humility
  • Discernment