Monday, October 06, 2014

Praying to Remember Who I Am (PrayerLife)

Last week Linda found this video and showed it to me. I decided to show it yesterday morning at Redeemer. It ties in with one of the core things we are teaching our people: Remember who you are. I'm preaching through 1 John, and John is constantly calling his readers back to what they knew from the beginning of their Jesus-life.

There is an enduring "you" that persists through your life. Yes, you change. But we can't meaningfully talk about "you" changing unless there is a persistent "you" that is changing. (Thank the Pre-Socratic philosophers, Plato, and Aristotle for this one.)

Some people affirm me, some people despise me. If I go up and down with the praise and blame of people, or with the mountains and valleys of circumstances, I will be emotionally and spiritually unstable.

To combat this I keep focusing on Who I Am in Christ. On my real identity, forged in the image of God. I'm praying that these core truths of my self-identity descend from mental assent to heart-reality.