Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Attend the God-Conference Today (PrayerLife)

HSRM Conference, Green Lake, Wisconsin, July 2014
Last summer at our HSRM Conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin, one of our speakers was Todd White. One of things Todd said was that if you need a conference you're in trouble.

I agree. What Todd meant was, while conferences can be God-things and therefore good, the real Christian life is an ongoing, day-by-day conferencing with God. What I most need is not a conference, but a God who is not limited to making conference appearances. 

I will conference with God today. I don't need to be in Wisconsin to do this. The main speaker at today's God-Conference is: God. That's who I have really come to hear. Earthly speakers come and go; God remains.

You and I can conference with God, today, and all week. God is a good conference speaker. God has wisdom and knowledge. He knows the Word and can preach it. God has ability - lots of it. God is loving. God has the perfect resume and background as a conference speaker. God doesn't charge an honorarium. Instead, God will be honored, as he deserves to be.

Real praying is conferencing with God. I'm attending the God-conference this morning, in my home.

Location: my heart.

Cost: my life.