Monday, July 21, 2014

Teaching Spiritual Formation at Payne Theological Seminary


Linda and I leave this morning for Dayton. I'll be teaching Spiritual Formation at Payne Theological Seminary Tues-Fri. I'm glad Linda is going to get some R&R!

I feel so privileged to teach at Payne. I have met many beautiful, Jesus-following African-American brothers and sisters. Payne is a great seminary, one of the oldest black seminaries in our nation (the oldest free-standing black seminary). 

In my Spiritual Formation class I will...
  • lead students in individual prayer-encounters with God
  • gather students in small groups to process what they hear God saying to them
  • present my Phenomenology of Spiritual Formation
  • present Howard Thurman's theology of spiritual formation
  • present Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's theology of prayer as foundational to leadership
  • share my ideas on Leading the Presence-Driven Church
This will be my ninth Spiritual Formation class at Payne. I've taught and made friends with 180 students. In the process I've engaged in ongoing African and African-American studies. I've learned so much from my studies, my students, and the faculty, staff, and culture of Payne Seminary.