Thursday, May 01, 2014

Dwelling Prayer and the Pursuit of God (PrayerLife)

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A praying person is in a process of continual change. The change is into greater and greater Christlikeness. To pray is to be changed, because one cannot consistently dwell in God's presence and remain unchanged.

This is not about "McPrayer." McPrayer changes little or nothing. McPrayer breeds non-relationship and the "I'm too busy to pray" disease. This is about dwelling prayer, abiding prayer, prayer as ongoing intimate relationship with God.

Success in the Kingdom of God demands dwelling prayer. Dwelling prayer is a deep, rich, profound relational reality with God. Dwelling prayer deepens experience and knowledge. Dwelling prayer strengthens heart, soul, and mind.

James Snyder, in his biography of A.W. Tozer, writes that "Tozer’s real strength came from his prayer life. He often commented, “As a man prays, so is he.” His entire ministry of preaching and writing flowed out of fervent prayer." (Snyder, The Life of A.W. Tozer: In Pursuit of God, Kindle Locations 184-185)

As a person prays, such is their desire for God.

All who pursue God pray.