Thursday, June 06, 2013

Where Was God When the Tornado Came?

Storm forming over our house

I'll be teaching two sessions of a workshop at our coming conference in Green Lake, Wisconsin, that I'm calling "Where Was God when the Tornado Came?" Here's the description:

WHERE WAS GOD WHEN THE TORNADO CAME? How do we respond when someone asks us a question like this?  In this workshop we will see how the reality of God as all-loving, all-powerful, and all-knowing is compatible with the existence of moral and natural evil, and why belief in such a God makes the best worldview-sense of moral and natural evil. Led by John Piippo.

I'll be bringing in materials from my "problem of evil" sections in my MCCC philosophy of religion classes. I've been studying this issue for decades, and am now putting it together in an hour and a half package.

I'm reading two new (to me) texts that are excellent:

- Nature Red in Tooth and Claw, by Michael J. Murray. Murray's book is on the problem of animal suffering, and brings in the issue of natural evil. (Note: Greg Boyd's warfare worldview denies the distinction between moral evil and natural evil, arguing that all evil is due to the free choices of created agents.)

- The Problem of Evil, by University of Notre Dame philosopher Peter Inwagen. Inwagen is brilliant and his writing is challenging.

I looking forward to presenting this.