Sunday, February 08, 2015

Self-revelation is Needed for our Transformation


I cannot look at someone else's evil acts and say, "I would never do something like that." A major part of our transformation into Christlikeness is the revelation of how unChristlike we are, and the magnitude of the needed  transformation.

Henri Nouwen writes:

"We cannot dismiss the horrendous cruelties about which we read in the papers as "things we would never do." The wounds and needs that lie behind the wars we condemn are the wounds and needs that we share with the whole human race. we too are deeply marked by the dark forces that make one war emerge after another. We too are part of the evil against which we protest. Here we catch a glimpse of the true sinfulness of our humanity. It is a sin so deeply anchored in us that it pervades all of our lives."
- Nouwen, The Road to Peace, p. 13