Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Re. Spiritual Formation Location Means Nothing

Monroe, a place where God reigns

"If I were only living somewhere different than I could grow spiritually."

That idea is false. Because the kingdom of God is not some locale; it's not some geographical place. The kingdom of God is the rule, or the reign, of God. God reigns wherever hearts allow him to. And, of course, God's reign is not conditional on our hearts. We don't control the King.

If God's kingdom was a physical place, then bazillions of people could never enter into it. But it's not a place. This is good news.

It's good news because...

...no matter where you live

...no matter what your circumstances are

...irregardless of your age or your ethnic background

God's kingdom is near and here.

Pray "God, let your kingdom, let your rule, let your reign, come...  now. Here.