Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Parenting Conference with Craig Miller

Why can the most important job in your life also be the most frustrating and challenging job you will ever have? That’s because raising children comes with no instructions (except the Bible)! If you want to learn straightforward practical ways to have a stronger, loving, and closer relationship with your children, to build a lasting legacy, attend the parenting seminar on May 6th and 7th.

Join Craig Miller at Redeemer Fellowship Church May 6-7 for this Parenting Conference.
Some of the things you will learn:

· Making your children mind, before you lose yours.
· The influence of a dad, the influence of a mom
· Building ‘self-worth’ in children, teens, and young adults.
· Identifying and dealing with depression and ADD
· Loving your children when they’re not loving you.
· Tips about step-parenting and disciplining
· Improve your attitude to improve your atmosphere
· Improving relationships with your adult - children.
· Improving communication with family members.
· .Express feelings to improve your relationships.

There will be opportunities for questions.

This seminar is for:
Parents of children and teens
Empty nesters with adult children
Want to be parents
Grand parents
Anyone thinking of having children in the future!


For thirty years Craig has been counseling with individuals, families, and couples in both medical and mental health settings. He has served as the Director of Social Work at Herrick Memorial Hospital in Tecumseh, Michigan, and currently is the co-founder, Administrative Director, and a therapist for MASTERPEACE.

Craig continues his passion for helping people through his syndicated radio talk show "Insights From the Heart" (North American Broadcasting Company), TV program, Better Life Spotlight (WLMBTV-40) copyrighted material, National speaking in the USA and Canada with PESI Education Seminars and Cross Country Education, and his books: "When Feelings Don't Come Easy" and "When Your Mate Has Emotionally Checked Out."

Craig has been speaking in churches and to the general public with topics such as, Finding the Joy of Christ in a Hurting World and Living with an unemotional mate. He speaks with professionals with topics such as, Integrating Faith Based Principles with Clinical Mental Health Issues: A Christian approach for improving treatment outcomes. For information about his speaking engagements, books, and DVD material log on to:

Over the years Craig has learned the unique ability to successfully combine his skills as a Christian and mental health practitioner to bring healing and restoration to the spirit, mind, and body. Craig desires to work with each person, couple, and/or family to receive emotional and physical healing to bring restoration of your heart and relationship, renewal of your soul and revitalization of your faith.