Friday, February 11, 2011

J.P. Moreland on Postmodernism, Deconstructionism, Et. Al.

Here's a link to a number of excellent, clear apologetic video presentations by some very good Christian-theistic thinkers. See especially J.P. Moreland and Francis Beckwith.

See Moreland on "Postmodernism" (and other issues) - J.P. is such a brilliant scholar and teacher! J.P. defines "postmodernism" philosophically as this: "The view that all truth, reality, and value is relagtive to your community." "'Deconstructionism' is the postmodern hermeneutic."

What does it mean to deconstruct human language?
Step 1 - you disregard the author's meaning in the text.
Step 2 - The reader brings questions to the text. I, the reader, get these questions from my ideology, my agenda. Say, e.g., that I am a lesbian. Out of my lesbian worldview I will ask the text questions. Now imagine that the text I am ideologically questioning is the book of Romans.
Step 3 - The reader creates a brand new text whose meaning reside in the reader's own community. For example: I will create a "Lesbian Book of Romans." That is, the reader creates a text from their own worldview.

One result of this is: students raised under postmodern thinking will be unable to read a text, but will be disgistingly good at talking about how they feel about the text.

See also: Francis Beckwith on "Abortion," "Relativism," and others. Beckwith, a professor of philosophy and jurisprudence, is a great thinker.