Monday, January 03, 2011

Off to New York City!

In an hour I'm flying to New York City with Linda and Holly. Fifteen of our Redeemer Ministry School students are on the road and will meet us there later.

In NYC I will be:

  • teaching Spiritual Formation at Faith Bible Seminary.
  • leading a worship workshop with Holly and Linda.
  • leading a worship night for Faith Bible Church this Friday.
  • speaking at FBC's annual conference on Saturday morning (on transformation & renewal as the outflow of a life that abides in Christ), followed by speaking at 5 workshops (The Distinctiveness of Christianity Among the World Religions; How to Pray Effectively; and (with Linda) Danger Signs For the Not-Yet Married).
  • I'll preach at two of FBC's 10 Sunday morning services (on what it means to be "led by the Spirit," and the Spirit's leading as non-programmatic and unpredictable).
Then back to Monroe on Sunday afternoon and the ordination to pastoral ministry of my associate Josh Bentley!