Friday, January 14, 2011

My Busiest January Ever?

Linda & I in Times Square

FYI, here are some things I am doing. This January is one of the busiest months I have ever had!

1. Last week (Jan. 3-9) Linda, Holly Benner, and I traveled to New York City. I taught at Faith Bible Seminary, a large Chinese seminary in NYC. I taught my Personal Transformation class to 20 Chinese students. My teachings were translated into Mandarin. Classes ran from Tues - Fri, 9 - 4. I spoke at Faith Bible Church on Tuesday night. Then I spoke 4 times at their annual conference on Saturday, plus twice on Sunday morning. We also took 15 ministry school students with us. I believe the entire week will prove revolutionary for this church and seminary. 

2. On Jan 9 we flew back to Monroe where we had a beautiful ordination service for Josh Bentley.

3. This week at Redeemer Randy Clark is with us. He has brought an excellent team and his School of Healing and Impartation. Wednesday and Thursday were long, wonderful days of teaching, ministry, healing, and impartation. Probably, in two days, 100 people have said they experienced either full or 80% healing. Last night an elderly man who had not been able to hear without a hearing aid for 20 years began to hear and placed his hearing aid in his pocket. In the midst of this Dr. Candy Brown and I have been communicating re. research and documentation of healing. Candy (University of Indiana) sent me medical release-of-information documents which we will ask people who have been healed to fill out. Candy is a brilliant scholar. She and Randy have already connected and are working together. Watch for her name now and in the days ahead. We have full meetings again today (Friday) and tomorrow. Then, Randy will preach at Redeemer Sunday morning. About 250 conference attendees have come from all over the U.S. and world. The evening sessions are open to the public and have been packed out. We're expecting more tonight and tomorrow and have chairs stacked ip on the sides to use as needed. I am so thankful Randy was with us last summer in Green Lake, and ill again be with us this coming summer.

4. On Monday I travel to Wilberforce, Ohio, to teach my Spiritual Formation class at Payne Theological Seminary (near Dayton). Payne is the oldest free-standing African American seminary in our nation. It is part of the A.M.E. (African Methodist Episcopal). I am expecting great, revolutionary Jesus-things to happen next week!

5. On January 28-30 Linda, Holly and I travel to Sioux Falls to bring worship, teaching, preaching, healing, words from God, and impartation to the Sioux Falls Outpouring. We are so excited about this, and can't wait to see our many HSRM friends who are there!

In the midst of this I continue to teach Logic and Philosophy of Religion at Monroe County Community College. As I openly teach (as the curriculum) about the existence of God to my 60 philosophy of religion students it seems as if everyone is listening. Many students hang around after classes to talk with me. Some check out our church.

My Kenya trip was wonderful! It looks like Kenyan leader-for-Jesus Cliff Msioki will come to Redeemer Ministry School next year.

In Feb. and March we get a traveling break. Then on April 6-9 Darren Wilson brings the "Furious Love Event" to Redeemer. Darren is at the Randy Clark week and was telling me last night how he is going to transform our sanctuary into a "furious love" place for the filming of that event. If you can be there we'd love to have you!

Love and blessings,