Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jim Rayburn

A young friend of mine asked me to read the biography of Jim Rayburn, called From Bondage to Liberty. I ordered it and began it today. In just 20 pages I can see I'm going to like it.

It's written by Rayburn's son. Of his father he writes: "He was a man who had a love affair with Jesus Christ, a man who pioneered a reolvutionary movement within an utterly stagnant religious system, and a man whose warmth and love inspired thousands. Yet, he would die a lonely, ridiculed, and rejected man, scorned by many of the people he most loved."

Hmmm... sounds like someone else I know (the only difference being the one I'm now thinking of did not have a love affair with himself).

Looks like the story of Jim Rayburn is the story of a real follower of Jesus who breaks free from "religion" and all the religious rules that some equate with a "Christian life."