Monday, January 19, 2009

Work On the War In Your Own Heart


We're not becoming better, morally and spiritually. People still cheat, lie, steal, rape, are greedy, are self-centered, hate, hierarchize, and make war. In these matters nothing has changed over hundreds of years except, perhaps, that we now have greater means to do all these things. The media gives access to instant hate. Technology gives access to mass destruction. I've heard it said that the 20th century broke all records for mass human destruction in wars. The 21st century will surpass all centuries when it comes to all of the above.

We need civilization, wrote Freud, to protect us from our selves. But with civilization's technological advances the means to harm others increases daily. Is there a solution?

As a follower of Jesus I don't see any biblical justification for expecting things to get better. Human nature remains human nature. The same problems Adam and Eve had are in you and in me. Were I an atheist I'd understand things via the lens of naturalistic evolution. In naturalistic evolution there's no such thing as moral progress. Were I a theistic evolutionist I'd think the same way.

The best answer I have is this. I need an inner moral-and-spiritual revolution. I need to change. As long as I view you as the one who needs changing we'll have a battle on our hands. I'm continuing to pick up my Bible and listen to Jesus and ask God to let his words descend from my mind into my heart. It's not that I don't understand a lot of what Jesus says. It's that what he says is so outrageously revolutionary that I need God to bring the revolution into my heart.

What if I actually had a heart to love my enemies? Everything inside me would be changed. Some things outside me would be changed. Everything must change. Everything won't change. But, with God's help, you and I can be changed. Work on the war in your own heart.