Friday, July 06, 2007

The Great Debate - God or Blind Nature?

I am interested in and excited about Internet Infidels' "Great Debate": "God or Blind Nature? Philosophers Debate the Evidence."

The online debate-book has four sections. And, it employs excellent thinkers.

Section One is called "Mind and Will," and has point-counterpoint essays by atheist philosopher Andrew Melnyk and theist philosophers Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro. (Note: Goetz, along with William Lane Craig, were my Campus Crusade for Christ leaders when I was an undergraduate at Northern Illinois University.)

Section Two - whoaaa... look at this! Paul Draper and Alvin Plantinga debate "Evil and Evolution." Now that should be very high-powered and a lot of fun!

Section Three - Quentin Smith and Robin Collins on "Science and the Cosmos."

Section Four - John Schellenberg and Jeffrey Jordan on "Faith and Uncertainty."

Readers are allowed to submit questions to the authors on-line and add to the discussion - cool.

Only Section One is posted at this time. Melnyk presents a physicalist case for the human mind. Goetz and Taliaferro give their objections.