Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jesus Warns the Two Ex-Blind Men to Keep Secrecy

In Matthew 9:27-31 Jesus heals two blind men. After healing them, Jesus says… “See that no one knows about this.”

What’s going on? Why would Jesus say this.
First, note that the two blind men know more than others do. Jesus own disciples, to this point in the story, are asking "Who is this man Jesus?" The two blind men recognize the Real Jesus, as Messiah, as the “son of David.”
In regard to the command to secrecy Craig Keener says:
Jesus conceals his messianic identity, insofar as possible, from the public.
This secrecy may be due to several factors.
First, the “Christ,” or “Messiah,” was the Davidic king and officially took this title only at his enthronement.
The final “coronation” of Jesus is on the cross.
Second, Jesus’ mission was completely different from any of the political views about messiahs circulating at the time. People would hear of this "messianic miracle" and conclude inadequate, even false, things about Jesus.
“Messiahship” was an inadequate way to categorize Jesus. Jesus redfined “messiah” by the character of his mission. Yes, Jesus claims to be Messiah. And, his messiahship is to be understood differently from the varying expectations of the people.
Finally, Jesus' mission could only be understood retrospectively; that is, after the fact of and in light of his death and resurrection. It is only then that a more complete understanding of the messiahship of Jesus can be seen.