Monday, March 06, 2006

Fundamentalist A-religionists

The Muslim/Danish cartoon crisis tells us something about Christianity in America. A lot of Muslims are fundamentalists. Which means (among other things) they actually believe, and believe in a certain way. Which also means: they do not believe in Western values (to a certain degree).
In this crisis we see mutual shock. It is the shock of clashing worldviews, of conflicting paradigms. It is the shock of a religious sensibility confronting a-religion.
Such Western-American a-religiosity is what we believing Christians now face. The public media-driven John Edwards-ish mockery of Jesus has been going on for some time now. It is not simply for humor. I call this fundamentalist a-religion, and there is a real edge to it. It is really an angry thing. It is rude and bitter and, I think, wounded. Beware cornering a wounded animal, especially if it controls the media. The wounded priests of the a-religious worldview are out to crush believing Christians and much as fundamentalist Muslims want to behead a-religious Danish cartoonists.