Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Current New Testament Scholarship

I am currently reading things by the New Testament scholar N. T. Wright. There is an unofficial N. T. Wright web page that has a lot of his articles and lectures. As we are now approaching Easter check out his excellent article on the resurrection of Jesus. And, for the really long version, check out his highly reviewed book The Resurrection of the Son of God. See also Wright’s “for everyone” books on the 4 Gospels. I am currently reading Mark for Everyone devotionally. It's a very good example of a great scholar bringing things down to a common level.
My other two very favorite New Testament scholars are Ben Witherington and Craig Keener. Witherington’s socio-rhetorical commentaries are immensely helpful. I used his s-r commentary on Acts a few years ago when preaching through Acts. Witherington also has an interesting blog where he responds to a variety of biblical and other issues. For example, see his post: "2 Tim. 3.16-- On the Inspiration and Authority of Scripture."
Craig Keener’s commentaries on Matthew and John are massive, brilliant, well-written. Probably no one in the world understands the socio-cultural background on the New Testament better than Craig. I am also very privileged to know Craig. The picture was taken at his home as he and his wife Medine and son David had me over for dinner when I was at Palmer Theological Seminary in January. Medine is from the Congo and made an delicious African meal with what she called "bony fish!"
I am especially using all three – Wright, Witherington, and Keener – as I am now preaching through the life of Jesus and the 4 Gospels.